Elizabeth Blanchard

Elizabeth Blanchard

OC Pole Fitness Aliso Viejo Owner & Instructor

“A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader; a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Equipped with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology, with emphasis on biomechanics and coaching psychology, Elizabeth strives to not simply just teach and deliver a fitness class, but to develop the confidence and instill the knowledge a student needs to make the changes they desire in their lives AND their bodies. With a background in classical ballet, Elizabeth is a stickler on implementing proper technique and form while utilizing her personal training and physical therapy background to promote safe exercise and prevent injury prevention. She is an EMT and mother of two in addition to being a black belt in American Kenpo; competing as a nationally ranked competitive fighter on the National Black Belt League circuit in 2010 and 2011. Dedicated and passionate about fitness, she is eager to lead students through fun and flirty workouts while sharing her experience and imparting the same confidence, motivation and love for pole and alternative fitness in others – just as she gained in her experience with OC Pole Fitness when she started as a student.

Alysia Hoop


Alysia Michelle James

OC Pole Fitness Aerial Instructor

Alysia has been studying aerial acrobatics for five years and performing professionally for the past four years. Her apparatuses are tissue, lyra/hoop, rope/spanish web and hammock. She has danced professionally and is the founder and artistic director of the New Music and Dance Collective – a collective of choreographers and composers working together to create new pieces. Alysia is also a composer for the Earth Harp Collective, which recently was awarded 3rd place on America’s Got Talent. She performs her original music and aerial dance with the group. Alysia has also worked with Lucent Dossier, Insomniac Events, Kaya Experience, CATastrophe Fire Dance and Entertainment, Opulent Temple, Fire N Ice Entertainment and for numerous other groups and private parties. A dreamer, lover, artist and all around performer, she is a spectacular creature to behold.








AJ Artman

OC Pole Fitness Pole Instructor

AJ has been a student at OCPF for about 2.5 years. Having no gymnastic/dance background AJ had to start from the bottom, struggling with being overweight and lacking flexibility. She ran across OCPF while looking for a fun way to get into shape and after the first class was immediately hooked. OC Pole Fitness has provided AJ with the strength, flexibility, confidence, flow and awesome “bag of tricks” that could not be found anywhere else. The group of women at OC Pole Fitness inspire her every single day. OCPF has become her home away from home and her place of peace, freedom and exploration. She loves helping women to reach their full potential and walk away from a class feeling accomplished and more confident than when they walked in. Pole is AJ’s passion and she loves to share that passion with the world. After only being a student for 1 year, AJ competed in her 1st pole competition and placed 2nd! She has now competed in 5 competitions placing in the top 5 each time! She loves telling a story with her dance and enjoys the multi-faceted styles that have emerged in the pole world. She looks forward to helping the ladies at OCPF achieve their dreams and beyond.

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